Work hard, play hard!VGG’s human desire and passion both work and life.We not only bring the best products but also burn out on every playground.

Working environmentMôi trường chuyên nghiệp, năng động ở VGG luôn chào đón bạn.
Professional & dynamic environment at VGG is always welcome you. Locating on a surface area of 1000m2, dominating the 4th floor of CFM Building, VGG’s working space give you a different feeling about the working office atmosphere you have ever known .
Both privacy and openness together blended in VGG office space, making you excited to decoreate your own corner and share the space with the company. VGG office is efficiently separated into working places, meeting rooms, reception halls and especially the great pantry that you can take a break, jump into a quick meeting or “brain-storming” right there.
VGG by numbers
Habits & Preferences
68% VGG-ers affirms that increasing 3G-price would not affect them. It is just simply because wifi is covered throughout the office.
65% VGG-ers tlikes to eat beef noodle while the remaining prefers chicken noodle soup.
In order to stay awake for working, 64% VGG-ers chooses coffee while36% likes tea.
73% VGG-ers are smokers, however VGG office says no to cigarette.
86% VGG-ers belongs to “night owls” group.
VGG-ers with GameGenres of MMORPG - ARPG - Casual & FPS
are the most popular at VGG.
Where we work